Surveillance Footage Shows Burglar Fumbling Through Hit On Local Restaurant

June 4, 2018 Last Updated: June 4, 2018

A man was captured on a surveillance camera in the early hours of Friday, June 1, breaking into The Grille restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, reported WREG.

In what appeared to be a very careless hit, the man broke in through a side window of the restaurant, but his face was already caught on camera before he thought to slip on his hoodie and tube socks to hide his identity. The man then attempted to steal money from the cash register, but when it failed to open, he decided to go for two 60 inch television screens instead.

Restaurant owner Herbert Tate received an alert on his phone about the break-in around 1:30 a.m. on Friday morning.

“He walked away with nothing. He walked away with two TVs but he didn’t take them off of the property,” Tate said.

The cameras showed that the man had stashed the TVs around the back of the restaurant.

“The officer and I went out back and we were looking around out back and he looked behind the dumpster and he found two TV’s,” Tate said.

Tate said it looked like the suspect had intended to return to pick up the TVs later.

Police took photos of the damage to the restaurant and managed to get a photo of the suspect from the surveillance footage.

Tate’s store neighbor Andrew Ivy said that his store O’reilly’s was also burgled but during store hours.

“It’s customers in here and he waits for them to leave he pulls a gun out of his back pocket and shows it to my guys,” Ivy said.

According to WREG, the man snatched $500 and told staff to be safe and be blessed.

“He needs to be apprehended so he doesn’t break into anyone else’s establishment,” Tate said. “He needs to go find him a job.”

It remains unclear if the two incidents are related.