Security Video Captures 2 Girls Returning Lost Wallet Full of Cash to Military Veteran’s Home

February 27, 2019 Updated: March 19, 2019

If you found a wallet with money and credit cards inside, what would you do?

For many, the public response is that they’d return it—but it’s tough to tell whether many would actually give it back totally untouched. Luckily for disabled veteran Marc Walsh, a pair of girls found his wallet and didn’t even hesitate before doing the right thing.

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Walsh was out shopping in Detroit in early January when he misplaced his wallet.

Without a ton of money to spare, Walsh was devastated. He knew that every dollar he lost with the misplaced wallet was going to be a huge loss for him but didn’t think there was any hope of ever finding it again—especially not with the money still inside.

“I was beyond distraught,” he said, speaking to the Western Journal’s Liftable. “I am between jobs currently, so the money I did have I needed desperately.

“I didn’t think to call the police, honestly. I had written it off as a loss.”

The veteran admitted he was “really heartbroken” and didn’t know what to do.

Marc Walsh 发布于 2017年10月15日周日

Luckily for Walsh, though, his wallet had been found by a pair of young girls on the west side of the city, who were walking to school when they saw his wallet on the ground.

Walsh received a call from his roommate while he was out driving, saying that the wallet had been returned by the girls with everything still inside. They had went to the address on his driver’s license and pounded on his door insistently to make sure they could return it safely to its rightful owner.

The entire transaction was captured on a surveillance camera outside of Walsh’s home, and the ordeal has gone viral—both for the sense of relief that the veteran felt and for the sense of honesty that inspired those young girls.

After tracking them down, it was discovered that the girls were 14-year-old sisters Makyla and Makhia Vincent. They were on their way to school when they spotted the wallet, and immediately knew that they had to do the right thing.

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“I feel really happy and grateful that I could help somebody because I know other people could have kept the money,” Makyla said after the fact.

The girls thought of their grandpa who also happens to be a veteran. Makyla told Fox 2 News: “I read the veterans card and I was like I would hate if that was my granddad and that happened to him so I knew we had to return it.”

Marc Walsh 发布于 2018年4月23日周一

Walsh was so incredibly grateful for what the girls did that he made sure to give them a little something; although he didn’t have a ton of money to spare, he did hand over $200 as a reward for being so honest.

The girls, while grateful, don’t plan to spend much of it. They’ll get a little treat and put the rest into savings—but hopefully, their kindness and good hearts will inspire others to do the same.

The veteran said, “It renews my faith in humanity it really does.”

The girls were surprised, Makhia said, “All of the sudden [sic] we were all over the news and people are saying thank you for turning it in and everything, it was great.”