Police Find Baby Deer On Leash In Northeast Baltimore

A motherless fawn was nursed for two days by people camping in the woods in Northeast Baltimore before authorities came to take the baby to a wildlife shelter, reported The Baltimore Sun.

Camper Brianna and her friends noticed a lifeless fawn on a wooded path at the edge of Herring Run Park on May 30. They decided to care for the fawn, feeding it berries and milk, and making a bed for it beneath a tarp.

“It would lick your face,” said Brianna. “It couldn’t have been more than two weeks old.”

Two days later, Audrey Bresnick who lives in the area was walking past when she noticed the fawn leashed to a tree at the edge of the woods.

Fearing the fawn would be harmed, Bresnick took the fawn home where her 9-year-old daughter curled up with the young animal as she called the police.

State law in Baltimore prohibits people from capturing wildlife without a permit.

Brianna told the The Baltimore Sun that she had been planning to take the fawn to the zoo. She did not reveal her last name for fear of prosecution.

Maryland Natural Resources Police told the newspaper they had determined that the deer could not be returned to the woods.

“Because they did not know where the fawn was bedded down, they could not return it to where its mother could find it,” Natural Resources Police spokeswoman Candy Thomson said.

The fawn was taken to a wildlife shelter outside of Baltimore by officers on June 1.