Officers chip in to buy family $800 worth of Christmas gifts after mom reports son ‘missing’

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
December 24, 2018 Updated: December 24, 2018

A mother from Oklahoma City became panic-stricken when her son went missing. But an unanticipated Christmas surprise soon dissolved all her worries in a jiffy.

With Christmas approaching in 2017, Sophia Reed knew she could not afford to celebrate the holidays with her four children after moving her family to a sparsely furnished apartment in Oklahoma City.

Having invested all her savings to pay the security deposit for her new apartment, she was strapped for cash and had no money to buy her kids Christmas presents.

All she had for the holidays was a lone Christmas tree.

“There was nothing under the Christmas tree,” she told KOCO.

To make her bad situation worse, her husband left her, and her son Deauris, 13, went missing after sneaking out of the house secretly.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A family celebrating a Christmas they won't forget after police get together to put gifts under the…

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Worried Deauris had run away from home, Reed called the police.

When Deauris returned home and saw the police, he revealed the touching reason behind his disappearance.

It transpired that Deauris’s sister, Deneisha, had suggested collecting recyclable cans so as to earn the pennies to buy a Christmas present for their mom.

HEARTWARMING: A panicked call to police turned into a Christmas to remember for a family not expecting much this holiday…

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And so, Deauris sneaked out, without informing his mom, to carry out this mission.

“I just wanted to do something for my mama,” Deauris told KFOR-TV.

The boy had earned $13 from picking up cans.


“He was so proud that he had $13 already!” Oklahoma City Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Hearing Deauris’s secret mission, Officer Roland Russell was inspired to do something for the family and told his colleagues at the Southwest Division of the Oklahoma City Police Department about it.

In the end, the officers all chipped in and contributed approximately $800 to buy the Reeds a whole load of Christmas gifts—including a bicycle for Deauris, clothes for the mother, and toys for 4-year-old Lauren.

“I was so proud of the officers as well as the citizens who saw us filling up shopping carts and contributed to the purchases,” the Department wrote. “We topped it off with three huge pizzas from Sam’s and took it to the family.”

Long read, but well worth reading! Sent to us by a Southwest Division supervisor…One of my officers took a call…

Oklahoma City Police Department 发布于 2017年12月16日周六

The officers’ plan was a secret, so when they presented all these Christmas gifts, Lauren was thrilled to pieces. She enthusiastically went through the presents one by one.

The little girl’s priceless reaction was captured on film by the officers.

“The video was too precious not to share and every single member of that family was so appreciative that people still care enough to help in a time of need,” the Department wrote.

“This is what it’s all about! Protect and SERVE. May this challenge us all to do something for someone else this holiday season. Great job guys!”

The officer had certainly given the Reed family a Christmas to remember. Kudos to these men in blue for going all out to brighten up a needy family’s holidays.

Christmas is the season of giving, caring, and sharing. May this heartwarming story inspire you to help someone less fortunate this holiday season.

Watch the video below:


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