Interior Designer: Shen Yun, ‘The experience was breathtaking’

January 14, 2018

“The experience was breathtaking. It was everything combined together, aside from the artistic aspect, the musical.”

“A show like this can bring [people] into the light, into their awareness, that there is a higher purpose and a higher being in our world. It is not just through technology. It is through each individual that wants to contribute and participate, and give something back to the human race.”

“I relate very much to this part [traditional Chinese culture] because this is what I felt from the whole show. And this is what I meant by the whole divine aspect is being shared with people who come to see it, maybe for different purposes, but for them … it opens them up to a broader spectrum of what it is.”

“I think every person, whether they know it or not, whether good or bad, every person has divinity in them. It is their purpose in life to find theirs, and what they should do with it.”