5-Year-Old Girl Flying All by Herself Meets an Unlikely Friend on 4-Hour-Long Flight

June 15, 2019 Updated: June 15, 2019

You don’t have to give money or gifts to make things better for someone. Try giving a person your time and undivided attention, and you never know whose day you are about to light up. After all, people do come into our lives for a reason, and how we portray ourselves to others has far-reaching consequences.

One such story shared by Love What Matters on their Facebook page is an example of how things eventually turn out for the better. A passenger who was traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago was left frustrated upon learning that his flight had been rerouted to Oregon. But little did he know that it was going to be one of his “best flight ever.”

"I have to tell you all about the best flight ever. I was pissed that I was rerouted to Oregon from LAX to Chicago but I…

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At Portland, he found himself sharing the flight “with the cutest little girl.” The little girl, named Paisley, had just turned five, and it was her birthday. The mother of the kid was weeping as she escorted her daughter to the plane.

Paisley was flying all by herself. The stranger and Paisley were the first ones to get on the plane, so they sat next to each other.

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The stranger began chatting with her and learned that she had to go and spend a long time with her grandfather. The girl was holding a baby doll that had a princess dress and was wrapped in an untidy blanket. Paisley said that her mother had pinched the doll for her, indicating their situation was quite rough.

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During the four hours while they were on the plane, the stranger and Paisley shared snacks, watched cartoons, played video games, and blew the roof off by yelling “boo yah” a 100 times when she won. She never seemed to grow tired and chatted with the stranger the entire time on the flight.

The two of them shared joy in all the simple and silly things, and any onlooker would’ve been moved by the bond they’d developed. The little one even put her head on the stranger’s arm when they were watching videos. At one point, she even wanted to wear his sunglasses, and said, “oh I don’t think you’ll be getting these back,” to which the stranger laughed  hard.

When they finally got down the plane, she ran straight towards her grandpa and hugged him. Paisley then turned around and said, “see my friend Tommy.”

Ever since the post was shared, it has received an overwhelming response from people all over. One Facebook user commented, “I have no doubt what so ever that God put you right where you needed to be!!! What a special flight that was. Thanks for being Paisley’s angel.”

Another one said, “A beautiful story and yes God does reroute our life when necessary. He has touched my family many times with help from his angels. Amen to the Lord.”

While tears welled up in the grandfather’s eyes who had come to pick up little Paisley, he also thanked the stranger for taking care of her on the flight. The stranger knew he would never see the kid again and thanked the old man in return for the best flight ever. He realized that “God needed me to go to Portland today to see one of his little angels.”

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This heartwarming story reinforces the idea that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to be at the right place, and we couldn’t agree more.