32-Year-Old Lemur Stolen From Zoo Was Returned on the Same Day in Southern California

August 1, 2018 Last Updated: August 1, 2018

Police are looking for the people who stole a 32-year-old lemur from the Santa Ana Zoo in Calif. on July 28.

The incident was reported that morning, when staff found animals running around freely in the zoo and discovered two cages housing monkeys and lemurs were cut open.

(Friends of Santa Ana Zoo)

After all the free animals in the zoo were recaptured, a lemur named Issac was still missing. Police believed there was more than one suspect that snuck into the zoo and stole the lemur, which is worth about $3,000.

Later on the same day, the stolen lemur was reportedly recovered at a Marriott hotel in Newport Beach. Surveillance video showed a person leaving the crate containing the lemur in the hotel.


Police also found an attached note, saying, “This belongs to the Santa Ana Zoo, it was taken last night. Please bring it to police.” The lemur was found unharmed and returned to the zoo.

However, the hole cut into the enclosure cost the zoo around $1,000 to fix. Police said it is a also federal crime to steal an endangered species like a lemur, and officers are still seeking the suspects.