Woman panics when car is stolen—but what she’s really worried about—it’s in the backseat

May 25, 2018 5:14 pm Last Updated: May 25, 2018 5:14 pm

It’s hard to imagine anything worse than having your car stolen—but when one woman fell victim to a carjacker, she cared less about her vehicle than what was inside.

Boston woman Rosa Nese stopped into Saratoga Market the morning of May 6 to buy a lottery ticket, though when she left the convenience store, she found out it was not her lucky day.

“At 8:51 I came out and saw my car was missing,” she told WBZ. Surveillance footage showed a man stealing her SUV from the parking lot.


Nese panicked—and not because her car was gone:

Her 8-year-old dog was still in the stolen car.

Nese’s beloved lab Chief was now in the hands of her carjacker. The dog was her close companion, who had gotten her through a rough time in her life.

A year ago, she lost her mother and then days later lost her home in a fire, and Chief was a great source of comfort.

“He’s basically a lovable yellow lab. Friendly, he loves everybody and everything,” Nese said. “He rescued me.”

(Facebook/Harbor Hounds)

While Chief was microchipped and wearing collars, he was on medication and Nese worried what would happen if she didn’t find him soon.

“I really don’t care about the car,” she said. “I just want Chief back. It’s been a long day now.”

Nese’s family and friends formed a search party to try to track down the SUV. The car was seen returning to the same convenience store Sunday night, but didn’t stop.

And after a tense day of searching, they made a breakthrough Monday:

The car was found at cemetery … with the dog still inside.


The suspected car thief, 50-year-old David Brady, was later arrested by the police after a foot chase Monday evening, according to WBZ.

More importantly, Nese was finally reunited with her dog, who was safe and sound.

“It was like a sigh of relief,” Nese said. “My main concern was that he was safe.”


It was a scary 24 hours, but this kidnapped dog is back where he belongs, at his faithful owner’s side.