Rescue team’s training exercise turns into a real-life canine rescue mission when UK coast guard needs assistance

October 19, 2017 1:10 pm Last Updated: October 19, 2017 8:23 pm

Taking a walk by the seaside sounds like the absolute perfect morning—and it was for one dog and owner, until the pooch slipped into the ocean and was unable to get back to shore.

The owner immediately called the coast guard for help.

It didn’t take long for the dog, a cockapoo mix, to get swept out to sea by the extremely powerful current off the coast of Cummingston, Scotland.

When the UK Coastguard arrived, they realized the dog didn’t have much time.

Not only was the current swift and the waves choppy, but the water was extremely cold. Surely the little dog wouldn’t have enough energy to keep afloat for long.

The coast guard set out to look for the lost pup.

It seemed like an impossible task. How to find a tiny dog in a vast ocean?

Luckily for the rescue team that had responded, another rescue team was already out in the ocean performing a training exercise—and they spotted a tiny dot bobbing up and down amongst the waves.

A rescue helicopter already out on a training exercise spotted the dog in the sea.

With the help of the rescue helicopter a rescue boat was able to reach the dog—and it was just in time.

“The dog was absolutely exhausted when pulled on board the vessel, very tired, wet and cold,” Sam Sinclair, a press officer for the UK Coastguard, told The Dodo. “The lifeboat crew thought [he] wouldn’t have survived much longer in the sea.”

The dog had reportedly already been in the water for approximately 40 minutes.

The dog was pulled from the sea and reunited with its owner.

(Facebook/HM Coastguard – Moray)

The Dodo reports that as a precaution the dog was taken to an emergency vet, but other than being cold and wet, the dog escaped without injury and was very happy to be on dry land.

We bet this little pup won’t try to go swimming in the ocean again any time soon!