Susan Boyle Harassed, Threatened by Gang of Youths in Scotland: Reports

June 26, 2017 5:13 pm Last Updated: June 26, 2017 5:45 pm

Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who rose to popularity on “Britain’s Got Talent,” was reportedly harassed by a gang in Scotland, multiple media outlets reported over the weekend.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, she was targeted in her home in Blackburn, about 20 miles west of Edinburgh.

Witnesses told The Mirror that some 15 teenagers went to her house and threw burning paper in her face before threatening her.

“Another time 10-15 of them were surrounding and throwing stuff,” one witness told the Mirror. “They lit a piece of paper and threw it at her face.”

She was seen hiding on a bus while people threw stones at the vehicle.

Another bystander added to the Mirror, “I was going inside the Mill Centre, Susan was walking out and they were all standing at the entrance and they said to her ‘Why don’t you get yourself a pair of glasses you ugly, old [expletive].’ It’s horrendous.”

The New York Post also reached out to a source close to the matter.

“It all came out of the blue at the end of last week,” the insider the Post. “Because Susan is very much of the mindset that she doesn’t want to cause any problems or be any bother. She didn’t actually tell anyone but she mentioned something a couple of months ago. But she downplayed it … Other members of the community have been victims as well.”

Family members and reps are trying to stop the harassment, in coordination with local police.

“We will be speaking to the police with regards to these incidents,” a rep for Boyle told the Post.

In 2013, Boyle revealed that she suffers from Asperger’s syndrome.

“It’s a very difficult subject to talk about because you always feel that eyes are on you, and people view you as different,” she revealed in 2014. “I like to see myself as someone with a problem, but one I can solve. It is definitely getting better. “