Man dealing with heartbreak is followed home by adorable stray cat

June 26, 2018 4:53 pm Last Updated: June 28, 2018 8:41 am

Breakups are never fun. After getting to know somebody on a deeply personal level, it can be very hard to say goodbye and even more difficult to fill the void left in your heart.

During these times, it’s important to have friends around to love and support you. Luckily for Connor Manning, he didn’t have to look too hard to find a buddy who would love him no matter what.

After breaking up with his partner, Connor Manning was followed home by a stray cat he named Socks.

(Twitter/Connor Manning)

It was September 5, 2017. Manning was feeling depressed as he walked back to his home in Los Angeles. Yet that depression was replaced with excitement and confusion as a cat ran right up to him.

This cat was a stray. She was skinny, stinky, and covered in fleas.

Still, she was so cute that Manning couldn’t resist petting her. As he did, the cat jumped up on his knee, so happy to receive attention.

It didn’t stop there though. The feline followed Manning all the way home.

Once there, Manning allowed her to spend a bit of time inside the house, though she enjoyed the porch much more.

Manning was absolutely smitten with the kitten and, as a YouTuber with a large following, he didn’t hesitate to share those feelings. He even gave her a name: Socks.

“Socks doesn’t want to hang out inside, and I’m chill with that,” Manning wrote on Twitter. “She can do whatever she wants, and I’ll feed her if she wants to hang out.”

While Manning absolutely loved his newfound friend, he unfortunately wasn’t able to stay with her all night. He had made plans with a friend and couldn’t bring her along.

Still, he took the time and effort to get some food and a bed ready for her.

When Manning got home, Socks was missing. The next morning he heard meows from outside.

(Twitter/Connor Manning)

When Manning got back, he discovered that Socks wasn’t there anymore and grew rather concerned. He knew that Socks wasn’t technically his cat and could leave whenever she wanted but he still wished he had the chance to spend more time with her.

Luckily it wasn’t goodbye for long. In the wee hours of the morning, Manning heard a light mewing sound coming from outside. He looked out the window and saw Socks staring right at him.

He decided to hang out with Socks a little longer so he bought her food and took her to the vet. The man wanted to take as good of care of her as he could.

“I have no idea how to cat, but she loves me,” Manning tweeted.

After taking her into the vet, his suspicions were confirmed: Socks hadn’t been microchipped, meaning that she was most likely a stray. This excited Manning greatly as he wanted to adopt Socks.

There was just one small problem: he was allergic to cats.

Manning’s cat allergies made him hesitant to adopt Socks—but, in the end, love pulled through.

(Twitter/Connor Manning)

Thinking back to his childhood, Manning remembered that his family once adopted a cat but had to give it up due to his allergy. These allergies hadn’t gone away since—Manning’s throat closed up while he was at the vet.

Manning was in a bit of a pickle. He really loved Socks and didn’t want to give her up but knew that he wasn’t the best fit to take care of her. He knew that someone in his large network of fans would be up to the task.

“Know anyone in L.A. who wants the sweetest and kindest baby cat on the planet?” he tweeted.

The next day, Manning received a response from someone looking to adopt the cat. Yet, when push came to shove, he couldn’t bring himself to give her up.

(Twitter/Connor Manning)

In the end, he decided to treat his allergies instead, which turned out to be a very easy fix.

“After a few days of having allergy medicine in my system, I started feeling fine!” Manning said.

Socks still lives with Manning and he regularly posts photos of her on Twitter and Instagram. Since adopting her, Socks has become much healthier and both of them have become much happier.

“Watching her go from a bone-thin lethargic baby covered in fleas into this little pounce machine has been so rewarding,” Manning said.

While the physical changes aren’t as obvious, it’s clear that Manning has grown a lot since adopting Socks too. Hopefully they’ll continue to flourish together for many happy years.