Library puts mother who lost her home due to illness on a path of prosperity

An inflammatory bowel disease was tearing any hope they had at living a life at ease
July 9, 2018 9:48 am Last Updated: July 9, 2018 9:48 am

Life is meant to be unpredictable, but sometimes, it can be more than we can handle. That’s why when we’re down, it always help to have someone, or something, to support us.

51-year-old divorced mother Disa Bryant has always done her best to provide for her daughter.

(Facebook / Disa Bryant)

Like many of us, the woman from Detroit has had a variety of jobs throughout her life—the end goal has always been to make enough to pay the bills.

But the obstacle of ulcerative colitis kept getting in her way.

It’s an inflammatory bowel disease that would prevent her from working at times.

Unfortunately, it got to the point where she was missing too many days at her job back in 2015, leading to her being let go.

And no work meant she couldn’t keep up on her property tax payments—she ended up losing her house too.

Imagine not being able to provide for your family because of circumstances out of your control. Understandably, this took a toll on Bryant.

Depressed and defeated, the woman took her daughter to live at her sister’s house.

But one day, Bryant would find comfort in an unexpected place: the Detroit Public Library.

(Facebook / Detroit Public Library)

It was a library that she frequented as a child, but this time around, it served a much different purpose.

Around this time, Bryant and her daughter would spend most of their time at the library.

Though it doesn’t seem like the most plausible place to be all day, it turned out that this specific library gave Bryant and her daughter the boost they desperately needed.

Not only could her daughter keep up with her school studies here, but Bryant could also focus on job searching, along with pursuing a college degree.

It was everything she needed in one place.

“You could stay all day,” she told Detroit Free Press. “That was such a godsend to me.”

Thanks to the library, Bryant earned a degree from ITT Technical Institute, and found a job.

Though libraries have just been known to provide us with infinite knowledge, this story proves that they do much more.

As of today, Bryant and her daughter are living in their own home.

At one point, one of the librarians told Bryant about a housing program that could help her out, which eventually led to the woman and her daughter getting their own place again.

“The library had a big part in my success,” Bryant said.

The mother and daughter return to the library sometimes. The quest for knowledge and bettering one’s self is never-ending, so it’s no surprise they still go there.

Hopefully, Bryant’s story can show that sometimes, it’s the unexpected things that can help us get on our feet.

Should you need assistance with finding a job or gaining knowledge in general, it wouldn’t hurt to go to your local library.