Miserable 94-year-old with dementia has an incredible reaction when her daughter gives her a baby doll to care for

"The baby is always by her side."
November 7, 2017 10:40 am Last Updated: November 7, 2017 10:44 am

All it took was a baby doll to turn this woman’s frown upside down!

94-year-old Jessie Ball had moved to a residential home because of her dementia, but she was not happy with her new home. Her daughter, Sandra Ball, said when she and her siblings would visit their mom, they were devastated to see that she was miserable there.

Soon Sandra would learn that she had the answer to her mother’s distressed mood. Sandra found a baby doll at a charity shop and gave it to Jessie, and the doll miraculously switched her mood from unhappy to joyful.

The doll triggered a strong emotional response from Jessie.

(Caters News/Screenshot)

“My mum will look into the doll’s face and say to me, ‘Isn’t she lovely? Look at her smile.’ Then mum will smile too—she rarely smiles at anyone else,” Sandra told Caters News.

Sandra also explained that although her mother’s sickness has gotten worse, she thinks the doll has kept her going.

Jessie named the dolled Gizzy, and she carries her everywhere she goes.

“Every time we go in to see her, the baby is always by her side. When I visited last night, she was cuddling it in her arms,” Sandra said. “She’s gone really downhill in the last few months and she can’t walk at all, but the baby is always with her.”

Jessie cares for the doll like a real baby.

(Caters News/Screenshot)

Jessie also feeds Gizzy and sings to her.

“She’ll feed it and if she’s eating something then the baby will have to eat too,” Sandra told Caster News. She also added that, “She’ll sometimes sing to the baby. When I posted the video online, I had other people coming to me saying, ‘My mum used to sing that song to me.’”

Sandra and her family are no longer worried about Jessie being miserable, and the 94-year-old has gotten calmer since she got the doll.

“We can go home now in the comfort that she is safe and she’s got Gizzy. The staff at the home have been absolutely wonderful with her. She’s really calm now.”

Sandra explained to Caster News that Jessie’s health is still declining, but the doll helps make her comfortable.

“I think the dementia has been harder for us than it has been for mum, but now when we leave her the doll gives her comfort. The baby was worth its weight in gold.”