Four men with guns break into police officer’s home — but pit bull makes them turn around and run

December 26, 2017 10:29 am Last Updated: December 26, 2017 10:29 am

Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap in many parts of the world for being aggressive. But when it comes down to it, they’re like any other breed of dog—they will do anything to protect their loved ones.

Zulu the pit bull is a fine example of this loyal dog breed. The Scurry family in Virginia Beach has cherished Zulu for some time, and he knew to guard the family from anyone that could potentially hurt them.His name is even a reference to a “Zulu warrior,” a member of a famous historical South African army.

“He was trained to be very protective,” said J. Scurry, the family father and a police officer.

Zulu was accustomed to keeping watch day and night, making sure anyone coming near the house wasn’t a threat. And this skill ended up saving the family.

(GoFundMe / Gary Kordin’ley)

One night, four men armed with guns broke into the Scurry household.

The whole family was upstairs, as Scurry was in his bedroom when he heard something.

“I heard loud bangs at the door, and my cousin woke me up and said, ‘I think somebody’s breaking in.'”

All four men were inside the house. The only family members in the house were J. Scurry, his cousin, and his daughter. It was a scary situation for any household, and it could have gone wrong in any number of ways.

But Zulu wouldn’t let the men get any closer.

“Before I could even react, my dog attacked them.” Scurry told WTKR.

Even though he was outnumbered, Zulu stood his ground and defended his home against the invaders, not letting them go up the stairs to the rest of the family. He ended up chasing the men out of the house and off of the property.

The dog had successfully defended the home, but he did end up with a few battle scars.

One of the men shot at Zulu, hitting and wounding him.

The heroic dog was still alive but had been severely hurt. The bullet went through both sides of his body and hit his liver; something had to be done quickly.

The family quickly took him to the nearest animal hospital, where he was in surgery for five hours.

And he survived! The doctors found and removed the bullet, and J. Scurry even said that Zulu was already back up on his feet the day after the surgery.

(YouTube / The Virginian-Pilot)

Anniyah, Scurry’s daughter who has cerebral palsy, seemed to be the happiest to get Zulu back.

(YouTube / The Virginian-Pilot)

Given the extensive surgery to save Zulu’s life, the expenses weren’t going to be cheap. So on behalf of the Scurry family, a GoFundMe page was created for Zulu’s costs. With the goal being $10,000, the family probably wasn’t expecting to reach that goal any time soon. But as the story spread out to news outlets across the nation, the response was incredible.

The GoFundMe campaign reached its goal of $10,000 in only two days!

Zulu saved his family from what could’ve been a tragic night. Although the contributors and the family see him as a hero, the pit bull was only doing his job, which was protect the family he loved at all costs.

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