Farmer says lightning strike killed 32 of his dairy cows in Missouri

May 5, 2017 9:05 pm Last Updated: May 5, 2017 9:05 pm

A farmer in Missouri found that lightning killed his 32 cows this week, CBS News reported this week.

“He went out to bring the cows in and that’s when he found them,” Stan Coday, president of the Wright County Missouri Farm Bureau, told CBS. “It’s a common occurrence. It does happen. The thing that made this the worst was just the sheer number of cows that were affected.”

“You’re at the mercy of mother nature,” Coday added. He said that one of his cows was killed by lightning several years ago.

He told CBS the loss is quite painful.

“It’s not like they are pets. But the ones I’m milking, I’ve raised every one of them,” Blackwelder was quoted by the Springfield News-Leader as saying. “Dairy cattle are a little different because you mess with them twice a day. It knocks you hard.”

He expects that—at between $3,000 to $5,000 per cow—it will cost him some $60,000 or more.

“Most producers don’t carry insurance,” Coday said. “If you lose a cow you’ve lost everything.”

The Wright County Farm Bureau shared photos of his loss, and people were largely sympathetic.

“Sending prayers from over the pond in Scotland,” one commenter wrote. “Regardless of what the cattle were used for, they are not only someone’s livelihood, they were living beings. I truly hope you recover from this.”

“So many people don’t understand a farmer’s life,” added another. “Most rise before the sun rises and go to bed late in the night. I was raised on a farm and loved it. Everyday was a different challenge it seemed. Farming has to be in you’re DNA, it’s a good life. And I have always said farming is a real gamble, you never know what hand you will be dealt. My heart goes out to this family. Stay strong and God bless.”