Cyclist finds a floating, drowned puppy—he uses quick thinking and desperately tries to save its life

December 13, 2017 10:59 am Last Updated: December 13, 2017 10:59 am

Hoang Minh, a 21-year-old cyclist, was spending his day in the Ben Tre Province of Vietnam on what looked to be a rainy day. What he saw next made him drop everything.

He saw a lifeless puppy floating in a nearby fishing lake.

The puppy couldn’t have been more than a few months old, so he knew how helpless it was. Minh’s immediate course of action was to take the puppy to shore.

A camera attached to his helmet captures his pursuit to bring the puppy back to life.


He first attempts to dangle the pup upside down, and put pressure on its side, to get any water out of its body. He also tries opening its mouth as wide as possible so that air can get in.

The puppy was faintly groaning; it was alive, but not by much.

Minh takes off his gloves, and is handed a napkin by someone nearby. He uses it to make sure the pup didn’t swallow its tongue, which luckily it hadn’t.

He repeated the same methods he was using; more short groans came from the pup, but nothing solid. This had gone on for a few minutes, and Minh had made little progress with reviving the dog.

None of this was working; this puppy was still barely alive, but time was running out.


Minh thought that he tried everything, and it still wasn’t enough. But instead of giving up, he had one last method to save this pup. He invented a ventilator for the puppy.

He took a water bottle that was cut in half, put one end on the dog’s mouth, and he blew into the cut-off end to give the puppy some air.


It took a few long breaths from Minh, but eventually, the puppy started stretching, and crying. It was actually moving!

Minh dried the puppy off, and left it wrapped in a towel to keep the animal warm. Pretty soon, it was walking around on its own, and it was even able to wag its tail.


Minh saved the puppy’s life!


“I didn’t actually know the proper paramedic procedure,” Minh said. according to the Mirror. He said that he “just did what I did without thinking.”

The man knew he had to act. There was no time to call animal control, nor find someone else that could do something. And the decision was the right one, because now this puppy has a second chance at life.

See Minh revive the fragile puppy here: