Autistic girl’s report card isn’t looking good but dad gives her a report card of his own

There's no better report card than dad's
July 6, 2018 4:02 pm Last Updated: July 6, 2018 4:02 pm

Everyone remembers what it was like to show their parents their own report card. Perhaps many of us would agree that it wasn’t a fun time, depending on how we did in school.

But no matter what our grades are, it’s our parents job to lift us up, and push us to do better.

In this instance, Tasmania, Australia, resident Shane Jackson wanted his daughter, Sophie, to know that grades aren’t everything.

Sophie is autistic, and the condition makes her struggle with her work at school.

As a result, the girl received all D’s on her report card for a recent semester, and she wasn’t too happy about it.

According to her father, Sophie told her family she “let everyone down.” She’d clearly done her best to get good grades, but it just didn’t happen this time around.

But instead of becoming upset at seeing Sophie’s grades, Shane decided to go in a different direction—a direction that would make Sophie know that it isn’t the end of the world if you bring home one bad report card.

Shane made his own “report card” for his daughter, one that highlighted the girl’s personality traits.

Shane gave her straight A’s in every single category, which included “subjects” such as “loves dogs” and “imagination.”

Appropriately, the last “subject” she got an A for was “Best Daughter Ever.”

The father posted this report card to Twitter, and given that the post has more than 63,000 favorites in just the last week, others loved his idea as well.

And according to Shane, Sophie was a big fan of her new report card as well.

The exposure that Shane got from his tweet led to people noticing the “drawing” grade she got; people requested to see some of Sophie’s artwork.

And Shane obliged.

At this point, Shane set up a side Twitter account showcasing the rest of Sophie’s artwork.

All Shane was trying to do was cheer up Sophie, and not only was he able to do that, but he also gave his daughter’s artwork a platform it wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Maybe more parents will be inspired to emulate what Shane did for his daughter. After all, everyone learns differently and has different skills and abilities that also deserve recognition and praise.

Hopefully, Sophie can get her grades up, but in the meantime, at least she knows that the pressure on her to do well in school isn’t as bad as she thought it was.