Autistic boy has heartwarming reaction to his family’s sweet — and unusual — birthday surprise

November 15, 2017 1:08 pm Last Updated: November 17, 2017 1:49 am

Do you still remember the best birthday present you ever received? How did it make you feel? Now that you think back on it, do you appreciate the gift more … or the fact that your loved ones made the extra effort?

One 12-year-old named Evan recently received what appears to be his favorite birthday present ever from his amazing family and friends. His reaction says it all.

Shelley Weingarden shared the video clip of Evan on his birthday with Love What Matters.

According to the video caption, Evan, who is autistic, recently turned 12, and his family wanted to give him an extra special gift. Most people might find the gift a bit odd, but for Evan it was like heaven.

Evan loves curly hair.

Since the 12-year-old is a huge fan of curly hair, his family arranged for “a garage full of people with curly hair.”

And if receiving a room full of people with curly hair as a birthday present wasn’t enough to convince you how much Evan likes curly hair, Weingarden shared that the boy has even made up a word for curls. He calls them “beatsie.” As for girls who have gorgeous curls, he refers to them as a “beatsieanna.”

“Wow! Look at these Beatsieannas!”

(Love What Matters/GIF)

The video of Evan’s reaction has received over 700,000 views on Love What Matter’s Facebook page and resulted in numerous people sharing photos of their own curls, wishing Evan a happy birthday.

Some even commented how they never really liked their curly hair, but after watching the video they found a new appreciation for their curls.

“It took me way too many years to love my curls!” Anna Steinberg wrote on Facebook. “Now I finally do, at age 30, but this kiddo has solidified it for me!!!”