14-year-old deformed her own spine from looking down at her phone too much

Technology can be a real pain in the neck.
November 20, 2017 5:15 pm Last Updated: November 21, 2017 11:48 am

Modern technology, such as smartphones, can be helpful with an amazing amount of day-to-day tasks. We can find and process information faster, we can see our loved ones without being physically in the same room as them, and we can communicate quickly through texting.

All these things, of course, are great advantages—but there’s also one unhealthy disadvantage.

Looking down at your phone too much can be a big pain in the neck.

When 14-year-old Sarah Atchison from Colorado had chronic pain in her neck a couple of years ago, she went to see a doctor.

This lingering pain that she had was from spending too many hours bending over to use her phone.

“I always look down at my phone,” Sarah explained to The Denver Channel.

Too much cellphone use over time can restructure your cervical spine, causing lasting pain and discomfort, among other problems.

Dr. Chad Cotter, the chiropractor who helped Sarah reduce the damage to her neck, told The Denver Channel that his patients are getting younger and younger.

“[I see] tension across the shoulders, generalized neck pain, migraines. It can even be numbness and tingling down the arms that we’re seeing in high-schoolers. It’s alarming. It’s setting those kids up to have major problems as adults,” he said.

Fortunately, there’s treatment for these types of problems, and Sarah was given exercises to and tips to help her.

Although an achy neck may not sound extreme, maybe it’s a good reminder to take plenty of breaks from our phones!