Man Hears Strange Noise Coming From Groundhog Hole—Then He Reaches In & Pulls This Thing Out

May 30, 2018 Last Updated: May 30, 2018

The animals out in the wild are often very well adapted to living amidst nature, with instincts tuned to their environment and having learned survival skills from their parents. Animals, especially the young, do nevertheless get into predicaments from time to time—blunders are the best way of learning after all—and occasionally, we human beings are called upon to save the day.

When this man heard a sound coming from a small groundhog hole, though, he knew something was wrong.

He and his son looked closer and saw a black nose sticking out, and assumed that a goat had gotten out from a nearby farm and fallen in the hole. Determined to help out, the duo went to the hole with the intent to dig out their goat and bring it back home.

Instead, they looked down into the hole and realized that it was actually a small deer!

When at first they attempted to pull the deer’s tiny body, it became clear it was stuck more deeply than they first thought, and the poor creature gave out a loud cry when they tugged some more. That’s when they knew they were in for a dig.

A lady said to cover the deer with a blanket to keep off the dirt while the two men shoveled under the roots of a nearby tree. While one man pushed from one end, the other man tugged, and before they knew it, the fawn came out all in one piece.

And with that, the tiny creature was able to be returned to his mom, who was hanging around trying to figure out what to do when the father and son arrived on the scene.

Were it not for these humans who saw the deer in distress, this might have ended much differently. Thank goodness for good folks like these!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | ViralHog