Taco Bell Employee Pays for Homeless Man’s Dinner Out of His Own Pocket

By Daniel Cameron, Epoch Times
March 25, 2019 Updated: March 30, 2019

It was a top choice to have dinner at a local Taco Bell in Pittsburg, Kansas, for one lucky patron, who was not only delightfully challenged on what to order (ahh, the choices!) but witnessed an act of kindness play out before her.

To say this good deed was more heart-melting than a Triple Melt Burrito is an understatement.

Amanda Vanderford was wondering what would tickle her fancy on the Tex-Mex-inspired menu one evening mid-September  when she noticed a man—who appeared to be homeless—step out of the men’s room.

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Amanda Vanderford 发布于 2018年9月7日周五

“You could tell him guy was homeless,” she wrote on Facebook. “He carried 3 bags. One stuffed with a comforter.”

For those who’ve seen Vanderford’s post, what played out next was a substantial boost to everyone’s faith in humanity.

A Taco Bell employee, later identified as Brandon Stephenson, emerged from the counter, apron fastened around his waist, a look of concern on his face.

Tonight we ate at taco bell and as we were trying to figure out what to order there was a guy who walked out of the…

Amanda Vanderford 发布于 2018年9月13日周四

He approaches the pitiable man and asks he take a seat before returning to the front.

“This employee then proceeded to buy him food without question out of his own pocket,” writes Vanderford, who must’ve forgotten she was there to eat at that point in time.

Enthralled by Stephenson’s consideration for the homeless man, she maintained her observation. How could you not?

“The employee continued to ask the guy a little about himself and explained that as a young boy, he knew what it was like to go without food.”

It must have been a breath of fresh air for the man to be treated with such courtesy. Before leaving Taco Bell, he asked how to apply for a position himself.

“The employee then took the time to explain to him how to apply and that even though it was online that the Pittsburg library has computers that he could use.

“This is how every person should be,” Vanderford continues.

Amanda Vanderford 发布于 2018年3月31日周六

“Willing to help no questions asked. This is what we need in this world. More people like him. More people who are kind, not because they have to but because they want to. The world would be so much better if everyone was as selfless as this one employee was.”

After word got out about Stephenson’s big heart, a few grateful people dropped by to show their appreciation.

One bearded man presented Stephenson a $1,145 check, jointly donated by people in the community, and nationwide. A local hotel manager invited Stephenson to a complimentary one-night stay at the Hampton Inn and Suites at the Kansas Crossing Casino, and a gift of a dozen pretty cupcakes was presented over the counter, thanks to Sweet Designs Cakery.

On his actions that night, Stephenson said that it was his Grandma Kelly who taught him to treat others kindly, especially those in unfortunate situations.

“So I try to help people when I can,” said Stephenson, reports FourStatesHomepage.

Now that everyone knows this Pittsburg Taco Bell has such a fantastic staff member, it gives people all the more incentive to dine in.

Well done Stephenson, kindness makes the world go round.

Watch Stephenson being acknowledged for the awesome human that he is:

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