Spotify ‘Ad-Free’ Users Complain of Excessive Drake Promotion

When Drake’s latest album “Scorpion” was released on June 29, Spotify premium users began to complain of a series of excessive promotions on the music streaming platform.

(Screenshot/Prometheus – Billboard)

It was the first time an artist had taken over several playlists on the same day, according to Billboard. Drake’s image was even found on playlists that didn’t feature his songs, such as “Best of British,” “Massive Dance Hits,” and “Happy Pop Hits,” among others.

The campaign of “Scorpion: SZN” helped the album break the one-week U.S. streaming record in only three days, and it looks to be on track to debut at No.1 on Billboards’ 200 chart.

(Screenshot/Prometheus – Billboard)

Nevertheless, a number of users said the promotion was excessive and equivalent to advertising, and they took to Twitter to complain. Users even said they had asked the company for a refund, since they had a paid subscription for an ad-free experience.

Some people reported success with asking for a refund for their last month or credit for a free month, while some were denied, which resulted in customers announcing they would be canceling their subscriptions.

The incident reminded many people of 2014, when Apple uploaded U2’s new album to all iTunes users’s libraries without their consent. It turned out that the company had to design a website to allow customers to remove the album from their devices.

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