San Jose Joyce Ellington Library Holds First-Ever Summer Camp

July 24, 2018 Last Updated: July 24, 2018

San José Joyce Ellington Library hosts its first summer coding camp for kids starting July 23, 2018. The library is partnering with San Jose’s Mayor Sam Liccardo and Alaska Airlines to provide kids between the ages of 9 to 11 the opportunity to learn coding while having fun at summer camp.

The summer coding camp is part of the Coding5k Challenge, a new citywide initiative that will further enhance access and opportunities for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) learning programs.

“It’s the first-ever summer camp that the library has put on. They are all day long and all week long,” said Dawn Coppin, executive director.

During the opening event, Alaska Airlines announced that they will be a sponsor for the Coding5k Challenge and summer camp.

“It’s part of Mayor Sam Liccardo’s 5K challenge, meaning we’re going to educate and provide free STEAM training and coding training to 5,000 students here in San Jose,” said Annabel Chang, Alaska Airlines Bay Area vice president.

The library’s summer coding camp is a way for young children to become interested in coding and related fields.

“Alaska Airlines thinks it’s super important to have these camps, and we’re really pleased with today’s turnout. There were 30 kids in the camp today—we found out there’s even 30 more kids on the waitlist,” said Chang.

Alaska Airlines is sponsoring the program because coding and STEAM-related jobs are highly needed within aviation. From pilots to engineers, the airlines need people who are interested in STEAM, so Alaska Airlines is “excited” to be partnering with the library.

The goal of the summer coding camp and Coding5k Challenge is to increase access to coding-focused programs for young children interested in STEAM-related fields.

“Our role with the library foundation is to support the library’s mission to be a welcoming and open space for people to learn whatever it is they are interested in learning … So what we’re trying to do with the coding programs today is to start sparking that interest because self-motivation is where the true learning starts,” said Coppin.

To learn more about the Coding5k Challenge and the San José Public Library’s summer coding camps, visit the library’s website here.