Video: Little Girl Gives Homeless Man Plate of Food

May 10, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

Sweet Girl Gives Away Plate of Food to Homeless Man

No one is too young to learn about the importance of kindness to others.

A little girl with a heart of gold becomes visibly upset while eating out a restaurant in Monterey, California in 2016. She notices a man outside who has nothing to eat, and she gets up with her own plate of food.

“Can I just give him a little bit,” she says to her father while they are dining.

She gets up from the table, donned in cat ears and holds her full plate of food to bring outside. She hesitates a bit at first, not knowing what to do, but her father assures her that “You’ve got this.”

He films her walking outside and asking the man if he wants some of her food. While she is offering her food to the homeless man, her father says, this is my girl right here.

“I love her to bits,” he says.

The man outside does not notice the girl at first and is startled when she hands him a full plate of food. The man looks at her and takes the silverware. He looks at her confused at first and begins to eat.

“He’s like ‘Are you kidding me? I just got steak and potatoes,” her father narrates as the man begins to eat.

After giving away her food, the young girl returns to her seat with the biggest smile on her face. Her father, proud of her good deed tells her good job. The girl then continues to watch as the man eats.

“I think you just made his day,” the father tells his young daughter.

While the man got a hot meal, this young, sweet girl learned an important lesson she won’t soon forget.

Credit: JukinVideo