Little girl doesn’t want any Christmas gifts, but she does have an unusual question for Santa

December 20, 2018 Updated: December 20, 2018

Most children may have either wished to receive this or that present on Christmas Day, but for one young girl in Texas, she just had a simple wish, which she wrote in a letter to Santa Claus. When her mom saw the letter, she cried.

With Christmas approaching, Diana Vasquez Prado’s daughter, Nadia, wrote a letter to Santa and arranged for it to be sent to the North Pole through her Elf on the shelf, Twinkle. In the letter, Nadia wrote that she doesn’t need any toys because she already has them, and instead asked Santa for his wish.

"My 8-year-old daughter left this note for our Elf, Twinkle, to take to Santa. When I found it, my heart melted, and I…

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The letter reads: “Since you’ve been giving us presents every year this year I ask for nothing. I have toys, a home, family, and love. So this year I want to make you something. Tell me what you want this year and I’ll make it.”

Prado told Scary Mommy that holiday season is not the only time Nadia feels generous.

“Nadia has the best heart ever,” Prado said. “When she was five, she cut off her waist length hair and donated it to Locks of Love. There was a year when we had to rebuy her school supplies a couple of times. When I chastised her about being careless, she told me she had given them away to some classmates who didn’t have many supplies.”

Diana Vasquez Prado 发布于 2017年12月9日周六

“This year, she gave all of her money to a charity fundraiser at school. She doesn’t get an allowance, so it was money she had saved here and there.”

Prado added that they adopted two older children last December and they “learned how to be a family.”

Though Nadia has to share her parents with two more people, Prado said: “It never occurred to her that she was sharing Mom and Dad with strangers or to be jealous. She is an amazing child!”

Diana Vasquez Prado 发布于 2018年9月8日周六

As for the letter, Santa responded via Twinkles and wrote that he “would like a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of delicious almond milk.”

“I would love a beautiful drawing of the perfect Christmas from you,” he added.

“We didn’t expect such a beautiful and positive response to our daughter’s letter. We cried together at what amazing things people had to say,” Prado said.

Diana Vasquez Prado 发布于 2017年4月15日周六

The letter was shared on the Facebook page of Love What Matters. In the Facebook post, Prado wrote: “When I found it, my heart melted, and I cried. Our favorite holiday is Christmas, and I’ve always tried to instill the true spirit of Christmas into each of my daughters. Christmas is about love, happiness and, overall, family. There are times that we doubt ourselves as parents. There are times that we wonder if we’re doing a good enough job raising good people.”

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“She still doesn’t know what exactly she wants. I even had Santa ask her when we took her to see him and she said, ‘I don’t know,’” Prado explained.

Although Nadia doesn’t want anything, Santa is a man of surprises … we’re sure he’s got something tucked up his sleeve that she’ll like.

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