Emaciated Pup Tossed Down From 22-Story Garbage Chute, Worker Miraculously Saw Him in Time

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
May 8, 2019 Updated: May 15, 2019


A woman was accused of cruelly throwing her dog wrapped in a plastic bag down a garbage chute that was 22 stories high in Newark, New Jersey. Miraculously, the dog survived and was discovered by a maintenance person in the nick of time.

This shocking incident of animal abuse occurred in the year 2011 and left the 1-year-old pit bull to die in the garbage chute. Fortunately, just seconds before a trash compacter would have crushed him, the maintenance worker spotted the dog and rescued him. The inhumane and cruel treatment caused the pup much pain and torment. After being dumped in the chute for a week, he was emaciated and near death.

March 16, 2011: An emaciated Pitbull-mix is discovered in a garbage bag by maintenance workers at the bottom of a…

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The dog was later taken to Associated Humane Societies in New Jersey on St. Patrick’s Day, hence his name, Patrick.

In order to survive, Patrick had to undergo a blood transfusion. He weighed just 19 pounds (approx. 9 kg) when he was found, and it was doubtful whether he would live through the night. But lucky Patrick hung in there.

The latest update I have gotten on Patrick: He knows his name and turns his head when it is called. It is the perfect…

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Later, the feeble pup, who had an extremely low body temperature, was brought to Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, where he received physical therapy and intensive care.

Patrick was so weak that the nurses thought it was a miracle each day the dog clung to life.

Im getting stronger everyday and can stand almost by myself now <3 Patrick

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So everyone has been asking for an update and clearly from this photo Patrick is getting lots of love and is wanting…

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Patrick’s road to recovery garnered major media attention that year. When people learned of his plight, their sympathies poured in.

Perhaps due to the support of these good Samaritans and the nursing staff at Garden State Veterinary Specialists, Patrick’s health improved gradually. He started to gain weight and regained his beautiful fur as well as his trust in humans!

Last one of my stunning side profile with my cool new shirt ps look at all my toys, love you all mwahhhaaa xoxoxo Patrick

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It took a year for Patrick to be nursed back to the pink of health. After having recovered, lucky Patrick has found his new forever home with Patricia Smillie-Scavelli, the administrator of Garden State Veterinary Specialists.

Though Patrick has moved past the terrifying ordeal, having healed his emotional scars, he is still afraid of strangers, according to Patricia.

October, 2011- 8 months into recovery.

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Despite that, “He really gives love,” she told Irish Central. “He climbs into your lap, he would prefer to sit in your lap than lay on the floor. He also sleeps in our bed at night, along with the cat.”

March 9, 2014: The New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) inducted Patrick the Pit Bull into their Animal…

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Kisha Curtis, of New Jersey, the first owner, who so maligned Patrick, was charged with two fourth-degree offenses.

Animals feel both pain and love just like humans do. All living creatures on this earth deserve respect and compassion.