Gina Shakespeare
Gina Shakespeare is the producer and host of 'Declassified', a new investigative news program from the Epoch Times. Prior to Declassified, Gina worked as a journalist in New York for the world’s largest independent Chinese TV network, New Tang Dynasty Television, before taking up roles as news director, program producer, and host for the station's flagship daily news show. She has earned multiple awards from the station for excellence in writing, cinematography, and video editing. During her 8 years as a journalist, Gina specialized in world news and China, investigating the effects of communism on prisoners of conscience and their families. Her inquiries forged a strong interest in exposing communist ideology, extending beyond blatantly communist countries, to its influence in Europe and North America whose body politics have also become host to insidious communist influences. Gina has been a commercial Producer and Director in the film and television industry for the past 15 years and founded one of Australia's most trusted production companies in 2011. She has produced and directed hundreds of hours of content including TV commercials, programs, and corporate video for a wide variety of clientele; and has authored 3 short films.