Woman is too late to adopt adorable rescue puppy. But then she gets home and it hits her

'I can't believe you did this!!!"
September 27, 2017 1:04 pm Last Updated: September 28, 2017 10:08 am

When Sarah Mathems saw this little puppy on a Facebook, she immediately fell in love. This dog needed to be saved, and needed a forever home.

The puppy was only being held at the local pound until the end of the week—so she immediately showed the post to her fiance—they had both already agreed to get a dog.

Then she made a call to the pound. It was Friday, the last day this adorable little puppy would be available, and so she made the request with some nervousness and anticipation.

Then she got the bad news: someone else had already requested the puppy, and it was just earlier that day too.

Little did she know, Daniel Pawlowski, her fiance, had gone to the shelter to check out the puppy as well.

“Definitely a good dog,” had been his first impression. Then he left the shelter—narrowly missing Sarah.

“She’s all upset, because she really wants this puppy,” Daniel remembered.

Sarah Mathems Pawlowski

She had no idea Daniel had reserved the puppy.

One surprise trip to the pound later, Daniel was the proud owner of Jax (Sarah, in her excitement, had already picked out a name for the puppy).

The moment his feet touched the grass, he started dancing and jumping.

“Sarah has no idea we gotcha!” he told Jax.

So Daniel brought Jax home, and then before Sarah got back, stood at the ready by the front door with Jax (and a camera) in hand.

There’s an immediate exclamation of surprise as the front door is opened.

“Oh my God!!! Wow, hi!” she said. “Babe what happened?”

Sarah recognized Jax, but it took a moment for what happened to sink in.

“You’re the one who did it!!” she said.

Watch her reaction below: