Waitress barely knew customer, but didn’t hesitate to give him life-saving gift

October 16, 2017 5:57 pm Last Updated: December 7, 2017 5:40 am

Mariana Villarreal had been working at a Georgia restaurant for 3 months when she found out a regular customer might not have long to live.

The customer, 72-year-old Donald Thomas, or “The Don” as he was known to the waitresses, was diagnosed with cancer and told because he had lost both of his kidneys to the disease, he would not survive.

The waitress felt sympathy for Thomas and wanted to help.

(USA Today/Screenshot)

Villarreal had a lot of sympathy for Thomas, because her grandmother had recently been through a similar experience, and had passed away. Villarreal had wanted so much to help her grandmother by donating a kidney, but they weren’t a match.

So when she heard about Thomas’s predicament, the kind-hearted waitress felt that it was fate for her to offer him one of her kidneys.

“I have two kidneys, do you want one of mine?”

(USA Today/Screenshot)

“I said, ‘Well I have two kidneys, do you want one of mine?’” 22-year-old Villarreal told WXIA-TV.

Thomas didn’t hesitate. “I will accept it,” he answered.

And as fate would have it, they were a perfect match.

“I wasn’t able to do anything for my grandma. If [Don] can live two more years, happy as he’s ever been, that’s fine with me. That’s not up to me. I did my part, now it’s God’s turn to keep him alive,” said Villarreal.

The next thing you know, the gracious donor and regular customer were in the hospital, the former saving the latter’s life. Villarreal said she could not be happier to be there in Don’s time of need.

The surgery reportedly went smoothly and was a success. Thomas is eternally grateful to Villarreal and is happy to have been brought back to a health by her giving spirit.