Two guys out fishing — when a pair of kittens swim right up to their boat

September 5, 2017 2:51 pm Last Updated: September 5, 2017 2:51 pm


When you head out on the waters for an enjoyable day of fishing with your best friend, part of the fun and excitement is not knowing what you might catch, if anything.

These two guys had a once-in-a-lifetime day of fishing when the “catfish” they caught were literally cats!


Jason, the guy shown in most of the video doing the catching, couldn’t believe what he saw in the water.

He tells his friend, “You are not going to believe what is swimming towards our boat.”

Check yourself—is this really happening?

Was it a muskrat? Turtle? Snake? It was none of the above. It was a cute, soggy little kitten!

“This ain’t real,” said Jason. “Never in my life.”

Still Fishing!

It was real all right. The furry little creature was about as out of place as snow in the desert. But watch the video—there’s no denying it! And they weren’t done fishing quite yet…

Double Trouble!

Jason’s friend, who was capturing everything on video, suddenly points out another unexpected visitor.

“Oh, there’s more, Jason,” he says, looking off toward the island where the first kitten came from. “I just saw it jump in the water.”

The troubling, but most likely accurate, prediction.

Sure enough, soggy kitten #2 takes the plunge and paddles his way out to their boat.

That’s when Jason makes the most likely explanation of why they suddenly have a feline frenzy interrupting their fishing trip. “Oh God, I bet somebody put them out,” said Jason.

Kitty Gratitude

As the second kitty makes his way to Jason and his friend, the first cat is already rubbing up against his new hero and best friends leg, claiming him as his own, while saying “thank you” in “kitten-ese.”

Jason hoisted the second abandon animal from the water, and they realize, “They’re twins!” Indeed, they look like siblings.

Definitely a first!

“There’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?” Jason asks his friend. “Yeah,” his friend agrees.

Both have a whopper of a fishing tale to tell for the rest of their lives about how they caught two “catfish” with no bait, no fishing pole, and no lack of amusement. Respect for the good guys, and big congrats to the two brave little buggers who took their chances by jumping and swimming at the only chance they may have had to survive!

Watch the short video!

Source: Kittens Swim Up To Fisherman’s Boat Looking for Help by The Dodo on YouTube.