Former Disney cast member spills the beans on the three words they’re never allowed to say

It's actually quite a common phrase.
January 20, 2018 12:11 pm Last Updated: January 20, 2018 12:11 pm

Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise, Disney is the most magical place on Earth.

Whether you visit one of their parks in Florida, California, or one of their overseas locations you’re guaranteed to have a magical day. And that’s due in part to the thousands of cast members Disney employs.

So, what’s Disney’s secret? Well, they can’t reveal everything that goes into making each guest’s visit magical, but one former cast member recently spilled a few secrets on PopSugar.

One of the more interesting secrets has to do with a cast member’s interactions with park goers. According to the anonymous source, Disney cast members are not allowed to tell someone “I don’t know.”

Cast members who interact with guests need to be creative and think on their feet.

Not only is it good customer service, but it can keep a conversation interesting.

That means no matter how out there a question may seem, a cast member must always come up with an answer. If they are unsure the former cast member says they were instructed to find out.

At Disney no question is too silly!

“If a child asks you what Tinker Bell eats before her flight across the Magic Kingdom during the fireworks, you better come up with an answer quickly,” the former cast member wrote.

For those wondering what Tinker Bell eats, the answer is “very tiny apples.”

Now that you’re “in” on one of Disney’s secrets, what will you ask the next time you visit Walt Disney World?