Man Goes to Dad’s House & Says There’s Something in Truck—When Dad Comes Out, His Jaw Drops

June 8, 2018 11:07 am Last Updated: June 8, 2018 11:07 am

Larry Drennan was once the proud owner of a 1959 Corvette. But he had to sell it as he entered a more responsible period of his adult life.

Fifty years later, he still missed his cherry red ride and dreamed of getting behind the wheel of a Corvette again.

Now, unknown to the 73 year old, his son was about to make this dream a reality in the best possible way!

“I want to surprise dad,” Tyler Drennan whispers to his friend who’s recording the surprise.

Then, he opens the door to the house and calls out to Larry that he has something for him in his car trunk.

Larry Drennan walks out into his garage and gets startled by the camera in his face. Bemused but willing to go along with whatever his son has planned, Larry then follows Tyler outside and finds a beautiful red 99′ Corvette parked on his driveway.

His son hands him the keys to the car, and Larry assumes that he wants him to open the trunk to get his birthday present out.

Walking around the car, Larry remarks to Tyler’s camera-wielding friend that he’ll own one of these someday.

That’s when Tyler says, “It’s yours.”

And Larry stumbles to a stop. “What?”

“It’s yours!” stresses his laughing son, delighted at the stunned look on his dad’s face.

“Are you crazy?” asks Larry several times, seeming to need confirmation that his son was serious. Tyler good-naturedly agreed that he is.

The moment this sinks in, Larry gets inside, reveling in the feeling of finally being behind the wheels of his dream car.

Tyler asks his father if he plans to let him come along on his first drive in the car, but his dad decides that  he needs some alone time with this beautiful piece of automobile.

Then, leaving Tyler and his friend behind, Larry Drennan backs out of the driveway and zooms away towards the beach.

Tyler was very happy at how well the surprise went. For the man who’d given him raised him with so much love, fulfilling one dream was the least he could do.