Marine came home to pick up his motorcycle—but then someone jumps out of a car at him

December 4, 2017 10:11 am Last Updated: December 4, 2017 4:24 pm

Anyone with a family member or a friend in the armed forces knows the pain of watching your loved one leave. You are always waiting for the phone to ring to at least hear their voice, or watching by the gate to see him or her come back home. Eventually, you see them one moment more, and the reaction is priceless. All sorts of emotions fill the air, but the joy that comes with the return of a soldier surpasses all of them.

This same thing happened between two siblings in Arizona. According to a YouTube description left by a marine’s mother, the serviceman was just back from battle and waiting for a motorcycle delivery from his brother-in-law. The mother, Barbara W. went ahead to write that the marine did not expect anyone to accompany his brother-in-law, so he was not expecting any surprises. However, what happened during the meeting was beyond expectation.

The marine’s 8-year old sister tagged along with his brother-in-law on his trip to Arizona. They arrived a bit earlier at the meeting point, but his sister decided to stay in the car as they waited for their brother to come. His brother thought this was a drop off like any other, but it is not until he saw his sister in the car.

The shock as the marine opened the car door and snatched his sister from her seat is priceless.

He immediately snagged her into his arms and held her in a warm and very emotional hug. The marine also went ahead and planted a kiss on his sister’s cheek as they hugged a little longer. The brother-in-law who was recording the whole thing on his camera informed him of their intention to surprise him and indeed, they did an excellent job of that.

The two siblings did not engage in a lot of talking, but the joy between the two, and the long emotional hug spoke volumes. I am sure the two cherished that moment when they held each other and remembered all the phone calls and the messages that they had sent each other whilst they were apart. The marine could not conceal his disbelief as he held his sister in his arms again as he repeatedly said “Oh my goodness.”

“You little snot!”

Such emotional reunions are very common when service men and women meet their loved ones after they come back from battle. The relief of seeing family members again after battle is beyond measure while the warm hugs that they share serve as a relief from the past. The fact that they saw their loved ones again also means everything to the service men and women, and their families.

It is touching stories like these that remind us to be grateful for the sacrifice of the service men and women. They give everything including their lives in the service of our country. Their families and friends live in mental anguish waiting for the day that they will come back home and share a meal together. When they eventually have that one reunion, the reaction is priceless. Therefore, a little bit of tenderness and a kind word is more than we can give to them and their loved ones.