River in Yorkshire looks normal—but once you know what’s underneath, you won’t dare go near it

January 20, 2018 1:26 pm Last Updated: January 20, 2018 1:26 pm

The River Wharfe in North Yorkshire looks like a nice enough place to travel to.

Anyone who loves nature can appreciate the quiet setting, with silence only broken by the sounds of a rushing river. It genuinely seems like an ideal place to walk around and explore.

(YouTube / Stephen Garnett)

Along the Wharfe, the river eventually narrows into something called the Strid. This is a strip of river that may look nice enough to dip into, but is anything but.

The Strid has a reputation of being one of the most dangerous stretches of water—not just in the UK—but the entire world.

(YouTube / Tom Scott)

How could this look like anything remotely dangerous? Much of the stretch looks like the water wouldn’t even go past your waist should you go in.

But it’s not about what’s on the surface, but what’s underneath.

(YouTube / Tom Scott)

Tom Scott, a YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers who is known for traveling the world, called the Strid the “most dangerous stretch of water in the world.”

“There isn’t any riverbed below the surface,” Scott said. “It’s a deep boiling mass of fast and deadly currents.”

Once you’re sucked into the currents, the pressure is so intense that it’ll suck you down into the unknown depths; there’s almost no hope of getting out.

And the slippery moss on the edges of the stream only make it easier to fall in. There are also rocks all over the place, which will more than likely hurt you, no matter if the current is fast or slow.

(YouTube / Tom Scott)

Under the water are caverns that contain all of the water that comes through. And no one has dared to go in to check how far it goes down.

There have been multiple fatalities attributed to the Strid. An old folk tale tells of how a boy in 12th century Scotland was set to become king of the country, but this never came to be because he fell into the Strid and died.

A boy in 2010 was killed after he slipped into the riverbank, and was sucked down under.

“Beautiful rivers can certainly be dangerous to humans,” Professor of Environment Carolyn Roberts told Daily Mail. “Whilst the Strid is is also beautiful, and looks innocuous, it’s similarly deadly.”

Simply put, it’s that dangerous because of how innocent it looks. Many of the people who encountered the Strid had no idea what was under the water until it was too late.

The combination of suffocating currents and sharp rocks will almost certainly be fatal to anyone that goes in.

Anyone can agree that the scenery here is stunning, and nice to look at. But there’s no doubt that any other place in the UK would be a better swimming location than the Strid.