Grieving father takes to the Internet and asks Redditors to photoshop a photo of his baby girl

May 26, 2017 7:54 pm Last Updated: May 26, 2017 7:54 pm

Ask and you shall receive. That’s generally what happens when someone asks Redditors to photoshop a photo for them. Sometimes the requests will be downright silly, but other times like when Nathan Steffel asked the Internet to manipulate a photo for him, the requests are sincere. And the results of those types of requests will make you tear up.

Steffel’s daughter Sophia was only 6-weeks-old when she passed away due to complications from a hepatic hemangioma in her liver. He wrote on Reddit that he and his wife knew of their little girl’s condition early on, but were not aware of the severity of her condition until she was born and needed a liver transplant.

Unfortunately while Sophia was on the waiting list for a new liver, she passed away.

Understandably heartbroken about the situation, Steffel took to Reddit and asked if someone could remove the tubes from a picture he had of his daughter. He said that since she was in the hospital for very short life, he and his wife never got a picture of her without all the machines.

Shortly after he sent out the request, he was overwhelmed by the number of responses and the number of new photos he had of his little girl.

This was the original photo Steffel posted:

(Source: Reddit/steffel07)

And these are the photos people submitted to his Reddit thread:

(Source: Reddit/funkybrewster)

Some users “painted” Sophia.

(Source: Reddit/ChangingYang)

Others sketched the baby girl without any tubes.

(Source: Reddit/izzyzzi)

Some Redditors’ edits made Sophia look like a little angel.

(Source: Reddit/crystalwhat)

“This is really amazing. Everyone you have made my day.” Steffel wrote online.

His original post received over 3,000 comments, which included dozens of new photos of Sophia, hundreds of condolences from strangers, and many people offering advice on how to get through the loss of a child.

“All I wanted was a nice picture,” he wrote. “What I received was a lot of love and support from a bunch of strangers.”

(H/T: ViralScape)