Police officers visit 4-year-old who lost his balloon with a special balloon of their own

That was sweet of them
July 6, 2018 3:15 pm Last Updated: July 6, 2018 3:15 pm

The joy a child feels when they receive a balloon is something that cannot be explained. Unfortunately, that joy can quickly turn into sadness when a balloon flies away.

When a 4-year-old lost his balloon, he was sad, but he was shown great kindness by some unknown observers.


On June 6, 2018, the Bismarck Police Department in North Dakota received a letter from a very happy parent. The letter recalled an act of kindness performed by three officers just a few days prior.

That night, the writer was out to dinner with their family. That’s when they noticed some police officers enjoying their supper there as well. The family decided to pay them a visit.

“They gave our 4-year-old son a junior officer badge,” the letter said. “We know one of the officers and thus were visiting with him and his colleagues.”

After that visit, the family got in the car to drive home. Yet, when they opened the door, a balloon that the boy had kept inside flew up and away. He was not at all happy with this turn of events. Still someone was looking out for him.

“Unbeknownst to us, the officers witnessed the event. After arriving home a short time later, we had a knock at our door and visitors for our son,” they said.

Three officers were there to hand the boy a brand new Paw Patrol balloon, which absolutely made his day.

“I wanted to share this with you, because I think it is important to recognize all the kind acts our officers do that many people do not hear about,” the letter said. “This random act of kindness meant a great deal to us and our son.”

This letter was shared by the Bismarck Police Department on Facebook where it received over 860 reactions and many positive comments.

“Thank you to all three officers for showing my family the goodness in all people and the value police officers bring to our community,” the letter concluded. “We are lucky to have great people watching out for us!”