Nurse kept ‘meddling’ with other patients—then people realized she saw something no one else saw

What she did completely changed the local police lieutenant
January 12, 2018 9:45 am Last Updated: January 12, 2018 9:45 am

Are you sick of being single? Do you need a person to fill the hole in your heart? You could try out a dating app like or Tinder but, if you live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you might have better luck relying on Heather Polan Berken.

Berken is a nurse at Aurora Health Care who takes care of people in more ways than one. She loves getting to know both patients and co-workers alike. Most people would call her “extroverted” or “friendly” but she puts it in less flattering terms.

“I’m inappropriate. I meddle in people’s lives,” Berken told Fox 6 Now.

Yet she’s been meddling for all of the right reasons.

“If I meet someone and they’re kind and then I find out that they’re single, I’m like ‘You’re awesome! You should be with someone.'”

Berken isn’t just pairing people together haphazardly though. She instinctively knows who would make a good couple and those instincts have led her to 11 successful matches: Six marriages and five long-term relationships. Yet she doesn’t do it all by herself. She receives help from her husband, Aaron, a lieutenant for the Milwaukee Police.

Watch the video above to see why she’s excellent at what she does.