Mother who delivered 13-pound baby has an amazing story to share

May 13, 2017 10:11 am Last Updated: May 13, 2017 10:11 am

A mother in Perth delivered one of the largest babies in Australia – a thirteen pounds two ounce chubby angel which decided to come out in such a hurry that it all happened in the foyer of their house.

Via Adam Tassell

It was the Australian National Day in Applecross and Nina Tassell, 37, went into quick labour and she had no time to go to hospital. But what appeared in that frenzy one hour of labour – was a miracle 13lbs 2oz baby. An average baby is only 7lbs 4oz.

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According to The West Australian, the birth happened supported by her husband, Adam. “We got a bit stuck getting his head out, but Nina changed position and then I saw his eyebrows and then the rest of him came out beautifully,” he said.

“He made a few coughing noises and we knew he was OK,” Adam told the West Australian. Adam said he knew he’ll have to help his wife deliver the baby when she told him that the baby is pressing down.

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On 26 January, Nina’s water broke at 9 am, the couple started preparing to drive to the hospital but they soon understood they wouldn’t make it.

Adam’s sister-in-law, Sonya Anson who was taking care of their other three older sons suggested them two options.

“She said I could either have the baby in the car on the way or have it at home, so I thought, ‘well, I’ve had a baby in a car before so it’s best to have this one at home,” Nina said.

“I got down on the mat in the foyer near the front door but I was pretty nervous because I knew I was in their hands if anything went wrong.

“Sonya was on the phone getting advice (from the paramedics) while Adam handled the delivery and told me when to push.

“Once the baby was born and started breathing I relaxed a bit, but we were all pretty glad to see the ambulance arrive a few minutes later.”

Nina and Adam with their four sons.

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