Mother donkey has shocking reaction when her baby is saved

April 22, 2017 10:36 am Last Updated: April 22, 2017 10:36 am

Mothers and their young ones are bonded with the cords of unconditional love. This instinct is equally strong in the animal kingdom, as evident in this heart-melting rescue story of a little “beast-of-burden”.

This vulnerable baby donkey was brutally attacked by wild animals, with more than a dozen deep bite wounds all over its body. The animal was in a state of shock and could have died if not helped. The baby’s mother stayed close to it in an attempt to protect her child, and started bellowing loudly for help!

Then a local resident saw the miserable sight of this baby donkey and went ahead to call Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization located in India.

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The villagers who were nearby heard the mother’s loud cries and groans and came rushing to see what happened. That is when the wild animals most probably fled. The thoughtful villagers knew they needed stop the bleeding, so in an attempt to help, they poured yellow turmeric powder over the bites.

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The rescue team came right away and in no time sprung into action to take the injured baby into their care. One of the worker carefully lifted the baby animal into his arms and loaded it into the organization’s mini-rescue van. But watching this the mother donkey felt that the workers were trying to take her baby away from her, so she became a bit restless, and ran around the van. Then, the team decided to take the mother along with the baby at the rescue home!

It seemed, that the little animal was in deep pain, and when the rescuers gave the required treatment to the poor baby donkey, it kept still and patiently allowed the kindhearted rescuers to work on its wounds.

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All along, the mama donkey was carefully looking over to keep a check on her baby’s treatment, even trying to lick and have a closer look at her baby when rescuers were dressing the wounds. She never let the baby out of her sight!

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At first, it seemed that the mother was a little scared not knowing what might happen to her child. But as the workers gently kept cleaning the injured baby’s wounds, and as the baby became more relaxed minute by minute, the mother felt a sense of relief too—as if she understood that her baby was in safe hands.

It was evident from her priceless calm and peace in her eyes!

The Animal Aid rescuers named the little donkey as Genevieve. Baby Genevieve was badly wounded when brought to the rescue home, but over time the regular dressing and care healed its wounds, and now one can see it running around joyfully!

If the unknown kind citizen had not called the rescue team on time, this adorable beast-of-burden might have not survived. And if the rescue team had taken it a bit casually and had avoided showing up on the scene, it would have never been transformed into a heart-warming survival story!

Indeed, these rescuers have proved that unconditional love and care can indeed do magic!!

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