Mom sees cruel kids at Target, so she makes them wait for her to speak to their mom

She did something brave
November 17, 2017 10:29 am Last Updated: November 17, 2017 8:27 pm

Any parent of an older child knows the feeling.

Teenagers and preteens love to cause trouble. Even the ones that aren’t malicious about it sometimes do things without thinking, testing boundaries and figuring out where lines are in any number of social and family-related situations.

While we’ve all told those children off a time or two, though, a lot of people forget about the parents on the other end of the situation — which makes this mom shopping at her local Target a true inspiration.

Mom blogger Mary Katherine Backstrom of Mom Babble was out shopping at Target one day.

She came across a group of teenage boys acting, as some teenagers tend to do, like total jerks.

The cashier in Backstrom’s lane, she explained, looked like he’d undergone a serious physical trauma recently.

He had visible staples in his head, she wrote on her blog, and both cranial abnormalities and drooping eyes.

“He looked like he had a very devastating time or surgery,” she said, referencing the very clear visual afflictions he was dealing with.

The teenage boys in line in front of her, though, hadn’t stopped to think about the pain of their cashier. Instead, they were mocking him, trying to take pictures with him and of him for their Snapchats.

That’s when Backstrom knew she had to step in.

She headed them off once they were all outside of the store, asking the boys just how they thought they’d feel if they were in the checker’s shoes — and just how they would feel if they knew he was aware they were openly mocking him using social media.

She then took it a step further, though.

Upon learning that they were waiting for their mom to pick them up, she decided it would be much easier to just wait with them —

—and explain what had happened to a parent figure, giving that mother an opportunity to discipline as she saw fit.

Sure enough, the other mom was grateful that Backstrom had taken the time out of her day to wait around and inform her of the situation.

It was after that mom had left, though, that Backstrom realized — she hadn’t told the other mother just how appreciative she was of her parenting style.

She had been nervous to tell the other mom about the teenagers, she explained, knowing that some parents wouldn’t take kindly to a stranger intervening in their family life.

“Sometimes, though,” she wrote, “it takes a village to raise these kids.”

She wanted the other mom to know that she was a ‘freaking good mom’.

She wanted to tell that other mom, “whose kid just acted like a complete butthole in Target,” that she was a really good mom. She knew that the other mom was going home to discipline her kids, and that’s all that matters.

She added that if her own children were ever acting that way, she wanted parents to let her know. Because, as she put it, let’s face it: even well-behaved children with good manners, sometimes, they can ‘be complete [expletive]’. It’s up to all parents to help one another out, being the eyes and ears when other parents maybe aren’t able to be there at that very moment.

It takes everyone, she insisted, to make sure that kids grow up to be good people. The more they learn from their mistakes, the better off they’ll be.

To the mom whose kids just acted terribly CRUEL in Target…you are doing a good job. You are a GOOD mom. I hope you find this video.

Posted by Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Thursday, June 15, 2017