Mom could feel that her baby was ‘going to be different.’ But when baby is born—everyone goes quiet

“Well, what is it?”
March 12, 2018 2:48 pm Last Updated: April 6, 2018 11:23 am

35-year-old Amber Rojas of Texas has certainly kept herself busy over the years.

“It’s hard balancing a marriage, two jobs, and four VERY busy kids,” she told Love What Matters.

Now she’s become even busier with a fifth kid in the mix.  That’s a lot of mouths to feed!

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“I’m not sure how many couples ‘PLAN’ on five kids,” she said.

Still, she loves each of her children, including her youngest, born on September 26, 2017.

Prior to this baby’s birth, she had a hunch.

“I didn’t know why or what, but I always told my husband, ‘This baby was going to be different,’” Rojas said.

Still, she wanted to ensure that, even if her instinct was proven wrong, there would still be some element of surprise to her birth. So she decided to go into it without knowing what her baby’s sex would be.

“I’ve literally labored every way possible, so I wanted to leave something to surprise — something different to look forward to, especially because we really were not planning to have any more… my husband and kids just went along with it,” she said.

After 38 weeks and six days, Rojas went into labor in an at-home birth. Rojas’s children put up notes of encouragement for their mother.

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The birth happened so quickly that Rojas could barely make it to the tub. After 5 minutes, her baby was born. Yet, when the mother looked down, she noticed something about her newborn.

Rojas’s fifth child was born with Down syndrome.

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Everyone was quiet for a moment. At this point, her suspicion wasn’t quite confirmed but she could see it in her baby’s eyes and the way her baby felt. Yet nobody would say anything.

Rojas’s husband broke the silence. “Well, what is it?” he asked.

Rojas had become so sidetracked by the Down syndrome that she forgot everyone wondered what sex the baby was.

She had a girl—a real shocker considering her whole family was convinced she’d have another boy.

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“My thoughts of her having Down syndrome went away because I was so excited we were having another girl!” said Rojas.

She named the girl Amadeus, which her oldest daughter absolutely loved. It wasn’t until they were going over the baby’s exam that the midwife, Angela, approached.

She said, “I don’t want to worry you, but your daughter has a few Down syndrome markers.”

Rojas breathed a sigh of relief, knowing she was not crazy for what she had thought. While Down syndrome comes with its share of challenges, Rojas wasn’t worried. Instead she was motivated.

“I immediately became a worker bee. I wanted to know everything they knew about babies with Down syndrome so I could best care for my daughter,” she said.

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With a low-resting heart rate, Amadeus was taken to the hospital. The staff there wasn’t thrilled with having a baby with Down syndrome at a birth center. Regardless, the family loved little Amadeus.

“We didn’t care that she had Down syndrome because we were all obsessed with her and all her chromosomes!” she said.

Amadeus was battling a heart defect, something not uncommon in babies with Down syndrome.

For several months, the baby went in and out of the hospital for various surgeries but, on March 5, she finally went home.

Just look at that loving family!

“To us, she’s like all the other babies we have had!” said Rojas. “She needs milk. She cries when she’s wet or uncomfortable. She smiles when she sees us, and we love her fiercely . . .to us she is perfect. We don’t see her diagnosis or label her — we see Amadeus Reign Rojas.”

Despite her differences, they’ve accepted Amadeus without a second thought.

Birth of Amadeus…

I think a birth film is just what everyone needs to cheer them up on this yucky rainy day!Meet, Amadeus… This was baby number 5, their tie breaker, surprise gender AND 2nd VBAC. She had an even bigger surprise in store with a surprise down syndrome diagnosis but that didn't even matter because they were completely in love with her and all her chromosomes. Her big siblings helped encourage their mama by hanging special signs they made her all around the birth room and they could not WAIT to see if they were getting a brother or sister!

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