Dog was trapped in a steep-sided canal—what local businessman does—has everyone cheering

January 8, 2018 11:23 am Last Updated: January 8, 2018 11:23 am

When a Cocker Spaniel dog got stuck in the middle of a steep-sided stream that runs through the Taboão da Serra neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil, locals gathered round to try to figure out how to rescue it.

They called the fire department, but there was a delay in firefighters arriving, so a local businessman decided he needed to take action himself.

Reinaldo Rocha jumped in his four-wheel drive and drove into the water!

(Everton Severa Domingues/Screenshot)

“It was late afternoon and there were several people waiting for the arrival of the Firemen. And when we learned that the dog was there [in the stream], I took the Jeep and went to an access ramp, about 1 km ahead, and I drove in the car towards the dog, who had already been there for a long time,” Rocha told the local media.

Several bystanders videoed the rescue, which took place in June 2014, and uploaded the video to social media.

In the videos, the bright orange vehicle can be seen emerging from the distance, driving quickly through the shallow water. Dodging rocks and potholes in the dirty water, Rocha slowed down as he approached the stranded dog, which was perched on a pile of debris in the center of the stream.

The passenger got out of the car, and quickly scooped the wet dog up from the water.

(Everton Severa Domingues/Screenshot)

The dog was looked after overnight by local residents, who bathed and fed her, then she was reunited with her owner the following day.

Rocha was praised for his heroic rescue, and still today people are touched by his kind gesture. Rocha, though, says it was just a “natural reaction” that he’s sure many people would have had when faced with the same situation.

Watch the rescue below: