Man sets out bucket of water in the desert—then he captures who comes to drink it

October 6, 2017 11:45 am Last Updated: October 6, 2017 11:45 am

Water in the desert is a scarce commodity. That’s why watering holes can certainly make popular attractions for the thirsty humans and animals alike. As the saying goes “where there’s water there’s life.”

John Wells proved just that in his little ecological experiment that has gone viral. He brainstormed the simple idea to hide a camera in a water bucket on his desert property. In this warm video, we see all kinds of cute and not so cuddly creatures paying a visit to quench their thirst in the hot desert sun. George the rabbit, as he’s called, is a frequent visitor (“I know it’s George,” says John “because you can tell by his torn ear”).

John lives at The Field Lab, a southwest Texas sustainable living and energy project. He thought it would make for a fun project to hide a camera in a water bucket and see who comes to drink. In the video we can watch a rooster take a sip, a donkey takes a gulp and even believe it or not bumble bees (which made it out of the water afterward)! The video has gone viral with over 8 million views.

When asked why his simple pro camera in a water bucket went so viral John remarks “I have no idea….”

“I guess it’s just an interesting point of view of something that’s really normal but something that you don’t really think about.”

John maintains his personal blog where he documents his daily adventures in living off the grid.

The field lab is a 40-acre homestead in southwest Texas. John moved there from New York and decided to experiment with creating a different kind of living habitat. His tiny solar house was built for a mere 1600 dollars and is completely solar powered. Probably being in such a remote area with no neighbors or metropolitan distractions gives John time to come up with creative ideas like his water experiment. Let’s hope John continues to hearten us with many more viral videos as this one.