Man spots ‘thief’ stealing his truck, but when he sees what’s happening—he hands him the keys

October 26, 2017 2:18 pm Last Updated: October 26, 2017 3:28 pm

Australian Jimbo Bazoobi was shopping with his goat recently when he noticed somebody was trying to steal his truck. Let’s back up already. If your name is Jimbo Bazoobi and you shop with your goat, there’s really only one line of work you’re qualified for, and that would be a comedian. Fortunately for Jimbo, he found his calling and that’s exactly what he does. The goat’s name, by the way, is Gary.

Gary the Goat was guarding Jimbo’s truck.

Gary was providing security by guarding Jimbo’s truck. Well, let’s just say he was lying next to the truck, anyway. With his guard goat on watch, Jimbo felt safe leaving his truck unlocked while he ran into the store to pick up a few items.

The “suspect” sitting in Jimbo’s car seemed approachable. I mean, he wasn’t brandishing weapons or anything and he didn’t seem to be in all that much of a hurry to flee the scene. So Jimbo approached.

The young man sitting in the driver’s seat seemed happy to chat.

As every 21st-century comedian knows, this is the point in an encounter when you pull out your phone and start capturing things on video. You never know when you might need a playback of a car thief being confronted as inspiration for your next show.

With camera in hand and recording, Jimbo casually walked up to the alleged thief, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, window rolled down.

“What are you doin’?'” said Jimbo, now leaning against his truck and nearly face-to-face with the young man in the driver’s seat. “You wanna take it for a drive?”

The reply was a quick “yes.”

Should he hand over the keys?

Ryan, the young man in his truck, was no thief. Ryan has Down’s Syndrome and was obviously more curious than criminal, hence Jimbo’s gentle demeanor and generous offer to let him take his truck for a spin.

“If you can work out how to start this car, you can drive it, ok?” he said.

Ryan was already focused on trying to figure out how to do just that, but managed a soft-spoken, “Yeah.”

“Have you driven a car before?” asked Jimbo. Silence. Ryan was busy trying to start the truck.

Now he was cruisin’!

Jimbo asked Ryan a few more questions and then handed him the keys, but without the immobilizer, so he knew Ryan wouldn’t be able to actually start the truck. After a brief search for where to insert the key, Ryan found the ignition and with a twist of his wrist, the truck’s warning beepers began to beep!

Clearly, this was going to be the best day of Ryan’s life!

“Man you are cruisin’!” Jimbo said. “Well done, Ryan.”

The two of them went nowhere (Jimbo was still standing outside of his truck), but in Ryan’s mind, they were cruisin’! You would have thought Ryan had just been crowned the king of the world based on his reaction! That huge smile, which Jimbo caught on camera, was priceless.

Watch the beautiful encounter in the video below: