Man looks like he’s just taking his dog out for a walk, but take a closer look

“You don’t get a dog to say you have a dog”
January 15, 2018 1:21 pm Last Updated: January 15, 2018 1:21 pm

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that dogs are our best friends. It’s why even when dogs are handicapped in some way, they still do their best to show they love us.

Craig Mosher’s dog, Loois, was his entire world. In Stevens County, Washington, it had just been him and his dog in his house, and the man treated the pup as if he were one of his children.

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Mosher, a retired police officer from California, had rescued Loois in 2000 after the dog had been in a fighting ring, and dumped at a veterinary clinic afterward. The pup had surgery in 2004, to fix an extra vertebrae that was causing him pain.

During the procedure, something went wrong.

The doctor accidentally touched his spinal cord during the surgery, paralyzing Loois.

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Loois was rendered a paraplegic, but this didn’t change how his human companion viewed him.

“He can’t walk, but I love him just the same,” Mosher said.

He wouldn’t let what happened get in the way of what his pet meant to him.

Given that Loois, like any other dog, loved to run and play, Mosher would do his best to figure out ways to help him do those things, despite the handicap.

He first made a harness to walk Loois outside, and let the dog essentially walk on his own.

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The harness held up the dog’s paralyzed legs, so that he could run with his two front legs. Mosher said he only went where Loois wanted to go; the dog controlled the path of their walk, every single time.

“If you’re not careful, he’ll run you to death,” he said.

Despite the canine’s limitations, he still had no problem wandering outside to his heart’s content.

After each walk, they would go straight to the garage to play with a baseball. And how would they go about this?

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Mosher and his friend built a harness that hung from the ceiling that let Loois stand up on all fours.

This device raised the animal’s legs up to the point where he looked as if he was standing normally. While in this position, Mosher helped him do exercises to keep up his leg strength.

Because of this device Loois could run back and forth in the garage, getting the baseball all on his own.

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This was their bread and butter for years; it only brought the man and his dog closer, and it was like the handicap wasn’t even there.

In 2011, Loois had to be put down.

This devastated his owner, but he used it as an opportunity to help someone else. Mosher pledged to find a dog that could use the equipment that Loois used to run and play.

“It was an honor and a privilege taking care of him,” he told Spokesman.


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As of 2015, not only did he still have Loois’s room intact in his house, but the man even had a tattoo created of his beloved pet to always remember him. And he swore that if given the opportunity, he would go through it all again in a heartbeat.

“You don’t get a dog to say you have a dog,” Mosher said to Spokesman. “You get a dog to be part of your family.”

A life that could’ve been a tough one for Loois was made immensely easier thanks to a kind human. Let’s hope that Mosher has given that device to someone who needs it, so that their dog can be able to love just like Loois did.