Little dog didn’t know his owner was sent to a nursing home, so he waited…for 3 years

August 24, 2017 12:53 pm Last Updated: August 24, 2017 12:53 pm


Fu Shi was loved and adored by his elderly owner. They lived together for several years, after the woman found the stray dog wandering the streets of Busan, South Korea, and took him in as her own.

Fu Shi’s Owner Suffered From Dementia

One day, the woman suffered from a brain haemorrhage, which ultimately caused severe dementia. Due to her serious condition, she was permanently transferred to a nursing home, where she had been living for three years. There, she was able to receive the specialized care she required.

Fu Shi Waited Loyally

Fu Shi, unaware of what had transpired, patiently waited for her return outside her house for those three years, demonstrating extraordinary loyalty and love. He slept in an abandoned house, where neighbors would occasionally look in on him and feed him.

Finally Rescued

Finally, an animal rescue organization was contacted about the little heartbroken dog. A full health examination was given to Fu Shi by a veterinarian, and he was diagnosed with a case of intestinal worms. He was treated and soon recovered.

The veterinarian determined that Fu Shi was about eight years old, and he was adopted by a new family, who renamed him Sky.


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