Little boy doesn’t approve of his sister’s ‘boyfriend’ for the most adorable reason

November 30, 2017 1:11 pm Last Updated: December 5, 2017 3:12 pm

While your siblings may not always approve of everyone you have a relationship with, you better believe they probably have a good reason for that—and chances are they’ll probably want you to hear about it.

7-year-old Marley McNeill does not approve of some of his sister’s life choices. His sister, by the way, is only 5 years old.

In a video that has been watched thousands of times and is all kinds of adorable, he tells his sister, Brooklyn, that it’s time she focuses on her schoolwork and not her boyfriend.

Jasmine, Marley and Brooklyn’s mom, captured the clip after she asked Brooklyn about a comment her kindergarten teacher made at a parent-teacher conference earlier that day.

Marley is very protective of his little sister.

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The mother of two told Babble that during a parent-teacher conference for Brooklyn, her teacher jokingly mentioned that other students were saying Brooklyn was dating a boy in her class.

Brooklyn’s mom brought it up on their way home, and the 5-year-old admitted that she was “dating” someone.

Jasmine noticed Marley getting a bit emotional so she took out her phone and recorded the moment.

The 7-year-old had some words of advice for his little sister and her relationship.

When your brother doesn’t approve for you to have a boyfriend @mcneillkids2

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“He takes his role of being her big brother seriously because he believes as her brother, he’s supposed to protect her from the world,” Jasmine told Babble. “He felt he let himself down by not protecting her from a ‘boyfriend’ so I pulled out the camera to share this moment with their dad.”

And boy, did he have some things to say to his sister.

Marley didn’t hold back when he told his sister she needed to focus on her schoolwork, like working on her shapes, handwriting, and “all that stuff.”

Jasmine said she knows Marley’s rant came from a place of love.

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“And you [are] worried about some boyfriend?” he said to her. “You don’t even know how to write your name right!”

Marley even went as far as to claim that he knew his little sister’s secret, to which Brooklyn simply replied with a little smirk.

“This is the time to tell your truth!” Marley told Brooklyn. And she did. The 5-year-old made it known that her life doesn’t revolve around her “boyfriend,” Dylan.

This isn’t the only time Jasmine caught Marley giving his sister advice.

My baby sis got in trouble at school and i had to remind her she’s better than that…. so smart & beautiful 💕

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“Marley usually engages with his sister as he did in the video,” Jasmine told Babble.

“They have absolutely no filter when it’s time to express their feelings. They’re taught to be authentic and free but respectful. He might’ve came [sic] off strong to others, but his sister and I know it’s all love. He’s a marshmallow when it comes to his sister and I.”

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For now Marley is only dishing out life lessons to his sister, which you can watch on the Instagram account their mother uses for their crazy adventures.