Fishermen Feel Big Tug on the Line—When They See This Huge ‘Monster,’ They Start Screaming

June 6, 2018 9:45 am Last Updated: June 6, 2018 9:45 am

For Italian fisherman Yuri Grisendi, the average-sized catfish—which may not be more than a few feet long, and possibly a hundred pounds at the most—is nothing at all.

Although they’re bigger than your average trout, mackerel, or salmon, catfish don’t tend to fall under the “terrifying” category—unlike this 8-foot, 5-inch, 250-pound “monster” he managed to snag, and catch on video!

Grisendi has made a name for himself capturing some of the world’s largest catfish, wrangling the whiskered swimmers on camera to the shock and amazement of his viewers.

He’s managed to find some that are as long as 6 or 7 feet or more, and in the 200-plus (approx. 91 kg) pound range, putting on quite a show for his fans as he manages to gain the upper hand over the behemoth that could fit his entire head inside its mouth with little problem.

The fish he finds are known as wels catfish, considered to be some of the largest catfish worldwide, behind only the lethal Mekong giant catfish in Vietnam.

Although the wels catfish is generally a bottom-feeder, they’ve been known to hunt larger animals, and can even become cannibalistic in some instances—so attempting to subdue one is no easy task!

For Grisendi, though, the challenge is all a part of the thrill. For animal conservationists, though, it’s nice to note; while Grisendi does enjoy the catch, he releases the fish back into the water once he has recorded their size and weight, as well as some crazy footage on video!

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