Military man stationed 5000 miles away couldn’t attend graduation, so college does ‘coolest thing’

With the help of his wife, he "walked" across the stage in a cap and gown via FaceTime
July 5, 2018 12:19 pm Last Updated: July 5, 2018 12:19 pm

Online degrees have made it possible for hundreds of thousands to earn their college degrees no matter where they live and on their own time.

Although “attending” school online is far from traditional, universities like Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) allow students who complete their education online to walk with the rest of their graduating class.

Husband and wife Tyler and Alexandra White wanted to receive their diplomas just like everyone else. There was just one problem. Tyler was located 5,000 miles away from campus.

Alexandra and Tyler met when they were in college.

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The two first met in college before getting married and having a son together.

Tyler eventually enlisted in the Army and the young family found themselves trying to balance raising a baby, frequently moving, and handling their professional lives.

The couple decided to enroll in online education at SNHU together.

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“The last couple years have been really challenging for us,” Alexandra told Inside Edition. “Both being in school full-time, both working full-time, and raising our small child together as well.”

Despite the sometimes hectic life, Alexandra and Tyler managed to complete their degrees. Alexandra earned her master’s degree in psychology, and Tyler earned his bachelor’s degree in geosciences.

When the time for graduation came, Tyler couldn’t attend because he was stationed in Hawaii.

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Since at the time of graduation Tyler was stationed in Hawaii, he was unable to walk across the stage at SNHU and receive his hard-earned diploma.

It would be a disappointing end to years of hard work.

The university worked with Alexandra and allowed Tyler to “walk” across the stage at graduation.

After Alexandra received her diploma it was Tyler’s turn. Sporting a cap and gown just like everyone else, he “walked” up on stage with Alexandra via FaceTime and received his diploma recently.

“I think it’s the coolest thing,” Tyler told Inside Edition. “It’s a big deal to finally graduate. It was rough not being able to be there.”

He didn’t physically attend graduation, but he was grateful for SNHU’s effort to make him feel included.