Man remodelling his home uncovers swastika etchings on wall—but what’s hidden above it was crazy

October 6, 2017 11:49 am Last Updated: December 16, 2017 11:21 am

Finding hidden treasure is a dream many have, but few are ever able to fulfill. One man who goes by the username branik12 on imgur is one of the lucky few who found hidden treasure in his home.

The man, who calls himself a “35-year-old do-it-yourselfer,” was in the process of remodeling his basement when he came across an interesting find.

Through a series of photos shared on imgur, branik12 shared the process of remodeling which led to the discovery of not one, but two hidden treasure boxes.

The first step was to peel back the walls, which revealed some random drawings.


One spot appeared to have drawings of swastikas.


The homeowner wasn’t too surprised by the drawings and writings on the cement wall, though he was slightly taken aback by what looked like swastikas etched onto the wall. He noted that the house was built in the late 1940s.

Once the walls were stripped back it was time to take apart the ceiling.


While taking down the ceiling the 35-year-old noticed something out of place.

“I stumbled upon a box in the ceiling,” he wrote on imgur. “Cool! A treasure. I must document this for Imgur. It is about time I contributed to the community.”

Making sure to snap photos along the way, he got his wife and the box and went outside. He noted that the box clearly had something in it, but he didn’t think it was “coins or gold bars” because it didn’t seem heavy enough. He guessed the box contained sports cards.


He carefully took the string that was wrapped around the metal lunch box off and by this time the couple started to guess what might be inside.

Once opened the couple discovered three wrapped packages.


Underneath the small packages was a perfectly preserved newspaper, though they believed it was only used to protect the contents.


The homeowner took the three packages out of the metal box lined with a newspaper dated March 25, 1951 and it was clear what they were: bundles of cash.

“These are all twenties! There may be a couple thousand here! We are freaking out at this point,” branik12 wrote after he opened the first of three packages.

Inside the first bundle was a pile of twenty-dollar bills.


They opened the second package and inside was a stack of fifty-dollar bills. A third stack revealed a pile of one hundred-dollar bills.

The couple noticed that some bills, all of which were dated between 1928 and 1934, had special markings on them and after some research they realized those bills would need to be appraised. They also contacted a lawyer to see if they were the owners of the money and they were.

Branik12 said he did some research on the home’s original owner and discovered that the woman who purchased the house sold it around 1956 and died about seven years after she sold it. He couldn’t find any further information about the original owner.

The money was theirs.


“We are boring people and have been dumping our extra money to pay off our mortgage and that is where this money will go too,” he wrote.

About a week after the discovery, the 35-year-old got back to work on the basement.

“What is this?!? Another box! This is amazing!! No way! The first one was unbelievable, now this is just getting crazy!” he wrote on a second post on imgur.

He discovered another box, identical to the first one he found.


Rather than open the box right away he finished taking down the ceiling and after no more boxes were found, he carefully opened the second tin.

There were a few notable differences about the second container. It was cleaner than the first and it also felt heavier.

Inside the second container was almost all twenty-dollar bills.


Branik12 noted that once all the bills had been counted and organized he and his wife sold the rarer bills, which were valued at over four times their face value.

The total amount of their hidden treasure was $45,000.


The homeowner said that once he and his wife used the money to pay off the mortgage on the home they planned on moving to the countryside. As for the fate of the home with the hidden treasure, they hoped to turn it into a rental property.